About Us


Valhalla was seen by the Vikings as a place where the distinguished warriors who died bravely in battle would be rewarded to enjoy an afterlife of feasting and fighting. They were admired and commended.  

For this reason the brand is called Valhalla Lift Wear.

Like the Vikings, we are training in the gym or doing other forms of exercise trying to beat our previous best and to prove ourselves.

Everyone that lives an active lifestyle is trying to improve themselves and are fighting to be better than who they were.

Our activewear is designed with strong attention to detail when it comes to the fit, fabrics and features so that everyone can feel and look their best while they are wearing Valhalla Lift Wear.



Lucy comes from both a fashion and fitness background and her passion for both created Valhalla Lift Wear.

Lucy wanted to use her Bachelor of Apparel Engineering & Design to create activewear that avid gym goers needed. By using fabrics that would be comfortable, breathable and soft to exercise in. As well as having the clothing fit perfectly for function but also for aesthetics. 

She designed this range to be worn both in the gym and outside of the gym as she understands the struggles people who train go through with trying to find clothes that fit well.

 She hopes you love the range just as much as she does.